02. Year 11 Holiday Course

2023 Year 11 Holiday Course

$800 per subject

All Lessons conducted online via ZOOM.Each lesson constitutes 1 hour of concept learning and 1 hour of problem solving. Each lesson will be recorded and will become available to students for revision. Fees must be paid in advance.

Maths (16hrs) 



 Algebra Techniques, Surds, Index Laws, Algebraic Simplification, LCM, Solving Linear Equations, Quadratic Equation, Discriminant, Functions, Polynomials, Factor Theorem, Remainder Theorem, Absolute Values, Piecewisee Functions, Triginometric Function, Radians, Arcs, Sectors, Solving Trig Equation, Limits, Differentiation by First Principle, Differentiation, Chain, Product, Quotient Rule, Stationary Point, Inflection Point, 

Chemistry (16hr) 



Quantitative Chemistry, Mass to Mass Stoichiometry,  Balancing Equation, Limiting Reagent, atom, element, compound, molecule, solution, solute, solvent, relative atomic mass, ions, isotopes, Periodic Trends, Atomic Physics, thermal Chemistry, gas laws, basic acids and bases, electronegativity, polarity, covalent bond, ionic bonds, types of bonds, intermolecular forces, BP, MP

Physics (16hr)



Vectors and Scalar, Linear Motion, Force, acceleration, Work, Momentum, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Waves, Frequency, Refraction, Reflection, Snell’s law, Total Internal Reflection, Thermal Equilibrium, specific heat, latent heat of fusion, energy efficiency, Radioactive decay, half life, binding energy, mass defect, fusion, fission, types of decay, nuclear stability, Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence, chain reaction, Electrical Circuits, charge, current, voltage, resistance, power, series and parallel circuit