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Our tuition blends personalised one-on-one sessions and dynamic small group classes, tailored for optimal learning outcomes.

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Our scheduled courses run year-round, providing live and interactive sessions. Contact us for upcoming dates.

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Our self-paced online courses provide flexible learning tailored to your schedule and pace.

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WhatsApp Business Message

(+61) 0411 224 794

CEO & Founder, Instructor

John Yiseongjoon

John, an ex-Lecturer and Senior Investment Analyst at the Australian National University, is a theoretical physicist known for his work on Quantum Criticality and innovative teaching methods. He is adept at making complex concepts accessible, significantly enriching students’ learning experiences.


Our Student Feedback

John knows how to teach effectively. It doesn't matter how lost you are, he can make you ready for exams in no time.
Grace Cooper
School Captain at Merici College 2015, Medicine @ University of Newcastle
It is unbelievable how John unpacks so many difficult concepts in really easy to understand manner. I get to learn so much in just 1 hr.
Canberra Girls Grammar, Medcine @ UNSW