05.6 GAMSAT Section 3 Physics I

There are 3 ways to learn GAMSAT

1. Monthly Online GAMSAT course with John.

ZOOM ID: 880 880 0808

Password : provided upon payment

Monday & Tuesday 6pm-8pm Physics

Thursday & Friday 6pm-8pm Chemistry

Price : $800 for one subject, $1400 for two subjects.

Prerequisite Knowledge : Zero background in Science

2. Online self-paced course

You may check out our online self-paced course on this website. It is an exact replica of the monthly online course, perhaps even better with many more resources. You may try it out for free for a few days. Ask John to provide you free access.

3. One-on-one tuition

Many of our students who aren’t able to take the tuition every evening, choose to purcahse the self-paced online course and occasionally book 1:1 tuition to fill in any gap and clarify concepts from the course.

Private Tuition Rate = $100 / hr

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