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GAMSAT Section 3 Physics II

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Kinematics Green U11 velocity vs distance graph Q36-41 Orange U4 blood flow deceleration Q12

Mechanics Blue U2 Ball rolling down Q7-9 mgh 1/2 mv^2 Blue U16 Force, Torque Q44-47 Green U3 Purple Q89-91 Change in momentum, force, time, impulse Pink Q57-60 Astronaut, g, gravi

Optics Blue U6 converging lens Q22 D Blue U13 wavelength, frequency, speed of light, refractive index Q39 C Orange U9 Lens equation 1/f=1/v+1/u Q22-23 DC Purple Q40-43 1/f=1/v+1/u DADB Pink Q37-39 biconvex lens equation BCB

Fluid Green U21 density, ice melting, water level rising, Q68-70 BCC Purple Q29-32 buyoncy DBCC Purple Q66-68 flow rate, achimedes, CDA

Circuits & Electricity & magnetism Blue U8 Which bulb is the brightest? Q27 Green U18 capacitors Q=CV charge transfer Q60-61 Green U24 Charge inside rectangular metal cylinders Q75-76 Green U36 Coulomb Force Q109-110 Orange U15 F=QE and F=QvB Q40-4300 Purple Q10-11 circuit with battery opposing Pink Q21 voltage and risk

Waves Pink Q5-7 frequency, period, sound DCA Pink Q81 light, concentration absorbance B Pink Q87-89 Radio signal sphere, inverse square law BCB

Ratio Intensity & logairthm Blue U19 Sound Intensity, Decibel Q52 Green U35 Diffusion Effusion Density Q106-108 Purple Q73-75 Intensity Ratio Absorber photons Purple Q81-84 Partial Pressure, Concentration Ratio Purple Q108-110 Sound Intensity Decibel Pink Q89 Intensity Pink Q21 voltage and risk