• 12 Lessons

    GAMSAT Physics March 2021

    GAMSAT physics course that covers all major topics of physics as well as all physics questions of ACER booklets. It will be a small group with interactive lectures, homework worksheets, feedback and 24/7 consultation for your best GAMSAT coaching experience. Plus, you will get access to all my videos and courses(including GAMSAT Chemistry and Physics Course worth $300)available on my website to supplement your learning.
    Time : 7.00pm-8.30pm (Sydney)
    No. Sessions : 10 sessions = 15 hours
    Dates :
    26th Feb (FREE)
    27th Feb (FREE)
    1st March
    2nd March
    4th March
    5th March
    9th March
    10th March
    12th March
    13th March
    Meeting Online on ZOOM
    Meeting ID : 880 880 0808
    Password : ************