Fix Your Algebra Course
Year 7,8,9,10

One-Month Intensive Algebra Online Course
* 8 hours Problem Solving Interactive lectures
* Our Custom-built Worksheets for Canberra Students
* Video Solutions To The Worksheets
Schedule : 1st Feb- 28th Feb
Wed, Thurs(Part A)
Sat,Sun(Part B)
Small Group Class

Cost : To be Determined accepting expression of interest

Part A 

Lesson 1 : Fractions and Decimals

Lesson 2 : Ratios and Percentages

Lesson 3 : Factors and Indices 

Lesson 4 :Negative Numbers 

Lesson 5 : Solving Linear Equation, LCM technique

Lesson 6 : Surds 

Lesson 7 : Algebraic Expressions Equivalence

Lesson 8 : Algebraic Fraction Simplification 


Part B

Lesson 1 : Quick revision of part A

Lesson 2 : Factorisation, Rearranging Equations

Lesson 3 : Straight line, distance, midpoint, gradient

Lesson 4: Quadratic Equation part 1 

Lesson 5 : Quadratic Equation part 2 

Lesson 6 : Indices and Logarithm

Lesson 7 : Trigonometry part 1 

Lesson 8 : Trigonometry part 2 

What is Algebra?

Algebra is the grammar or the rules of mathematics. Unlike language where one can still delineate some meaning without precise grammar, maths requires exact algebra with no mistake at all. Maths questions in Year 11 and 12 often involve multiple lines of working out; it is no longer simple single line questions that you often see in Year 8,9, and 10.

Many exam questions are nested problems that require not only critical thinking but also ability to plan, come up with strategy, understand pros and cons of different approaches, present ideas and solutions coherently, and most importantly independently work out multiple lines of solution without making a single error along the way.

However, over 10 years of teaching Introductory Calculus(the high point of secondary school maths) to Year 11 and 12 in Canberra, I made my observations on students weaknesses and the problems can be summarised as below :

1. Students can do short problems such as 'take differentiation of sin(3x)', but anything slightly more complicated or requires critical thinking, they sometimes don't even understand the question, let alone the intent(what concept it is testing him/her for) of the question.

2. Students can't build strategy on their own.

3. For nested problems(a,b,c,d, etc), they can often do first two questions which often ask students to perform simple tasks, but they can't see the connection to the questions that follow. eg. (c) Hence evaluate.
Although the question clearly says "Hence" they fail to grasp the connection. And of course, this is partly due to issue #1, that they don't understand the purpose or the intent of the question.

4. Quite often, when presented with the solution they (think they) understand but when asked to find a solution to a similar problem on their own, they often can't proceed or still make silly algebraic mistakes repeatedly.

Why is this happening to our children?

The main reason is the low standard of maths teaching/education in primary school and high school from Year 1 to Year 10. Alright but isn't Australia's maths level pretty good compared to other countries? According to some reports, yes. But I disagree. It's very low in my opinion. But by what standard? Compare our maths with that of India, South Korea, Singapore, China and Japan? Those countries that are getting themselves ready for 4th Industrial revolution driven by Artificial Intelligence and producing highly qualified doctors, engineers and scientists? No, we don't need to go that far.

Just count how many students who used to be good maths student in Year 10 fail Year 11 and 12 maths. We keep children at such low standard environment and think they are doing well if they return with A's or B's in their maths tests, not realising they could become utterly incapable performing advanced level of calculus and statistics problems later in Year 11, 12 and most importantly beyond secondary school.

What is this course about?
This course is basically my last 10 years of research. I have compiled algebra questions that address the common misconceptions and mistakes committed by Year 11 and Year 12 students. We go through various topics that are essential for Year 11 and 12 Calculus. The course will not only prepare you for Year 11 and 12 but it will also help your maths studies in Year 7- Year 10. Upon singing up you will receive our custom developed worksheets that are designed to help you improve your algebra skills quickly so you can start immediately using them in your school maths classes.

Who can enrol in this course?

Anyone interested in improving their algebra skills

What's Included in the Price?
-8 hours of problem-solving interactive lectures

-Our specially designed highly effective worksheets that address essential algebra skills in Year 11, 12 (see sample worksheet below)

-Video solutions on the worksheets with QR codes that connects your device to the solution page on our website.

Every lecture will be recorded and made available on our online course page. Course materials will be provided every week with homework questions and video solutions without extra charge. See our sample course worksheet below, which are normally sold separately.

All course lectures conducted live online via ZOOM
Meeting ID: 880 880 0808
Password : **** (provided upon payment)

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