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Private Tutor in Maths, Physics, chemistry

For Year 5-9, Sign up for our weekly worksheet sets. $500 for Term 1. Consists of video lecture, personalised worksheet, personal feedback, ask question 24/7, and video solution. 

5 ways To learn from John

1:1 tuition private tuition, group tuition, self-paced online course, live online course, and our effective worksheet sets. You can combine any of those modes of tuition to meet your study needs.

Online Self-Paced Courses/ Live Online Courses

Many of John's teachings are now available to access via our online courses. They are for contents learning and you can save a lot of money by enrolling to those courses rather than asking John to teach contents during tuition.

1:1 Private Tuition/ Group Tuition

If you believe you need your own personalised tuition that runs at your own pace, you can book 1:1 tuition directly by contacting us. Fee is $90 per hour

You may join an existing group or form your own group with your friends to reduce the cost of tuition. Price is $40~$50

Our Worksheet Sets

We believe students need to do lots of problem solving on their own in order to do well in their exams. We make our worksheets and provide video solutions. These worksheets are proven to improve your problem-solving skills and increase your score dramatically. We make our worksheets short and effective to provide students confidence and sense of achievement. This is important to get students into habit of problem-solving when it comes to maths, physics and chemistry.

John’s Academy Private Tuition Information


All tuition is done online through ZOOM(Meeting ID : 880 880 0808). In terms of experience, online tuition is no different from face-to-face sessions if 1:1 or small class (less than 5 students). All of our students find online tuition very interactive, fun, and engaging and no different from meeting in person, if not better. We use digital whiteboard to teach(like Khan Academy) and lessons can be recorded if requested(student voice and camera not recorded). Schools did online teaching during lockdowns but due to large class size (more than 10), students tend to often stay quiet by turning off their camera and microphone, making teaching worse off than traditional classroom. Our online teaching is far from this sort of disaster.

There are 5 ways to learn from John. You may have any combination of them.

1.       Individual 1:1 private tuition (Year 5-Year 12, University)

2.       Join Small Group Tutoring (Year 7-Year 12, University)

3.       Self-paced Online Courses on John’s Academy website ( )

4.       Short Online Courses often in Term Breaks (e.g or

5.        Receive worksheets, submit answers, receive feedback and/or video solutions

What/How We Teach

We specialise in teaching Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Students can best learn these subjects ONLY by doing lots of problem solving on their own. However, before they can do that, they need to learn concepts. We focus on these two aspects; we not only teach concepts but also go through lots of example questions, we also let students to try questions on their own and assign homework questions and worksheets.

 However, most students only take 1 or 2 hours of tuition per week. Time is too limited and many students often need more hours of personal support from their tutors to achieve effective learning. We solve this issue through the following 3 ways.

1.       Self-paced Online Courses: Most of Year 11, 12 contents in Maths, Physics and Chemistry are available through John’s website. Online courses contain lecture recordings, worksheets and worksheet solutions. They can be purchased at a fraction of cost of 1:1 private tuition. For example, a Year 12 physics course( ) which contains 16 hours of lectures($1440 if done 1:1) is available at $300. With the online course, they can learn contents on their own and focus their tuition time on problem solving.

2.       WhatsApp Messenger: Students are encouraged to ask questions to John by sending message 24/7. John always carries pen and paper and can quickly respond to students question so they can move on to other questions rather than stuck with one particular question. Sometimes being stuck and working on their own is good for students because through this process they are growing their brain muscle and improving their problem-solving skill. So we don’t just give away the solution but rather make them think.

3.       John’s Academy Worksheets : We provide our custom made highly efficient worksheets to students. During tuition, often we can only cover a few example questions. However, students may require working out of many more questions before they can start to solve them on their own. Therefore, for each worksheet, full video solution is available at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 tuition. (e.g.


1:1 tuition fee is $90/hr. Regular group sessions are between $40 and $50. We accept 4 lesson fees upfront in advance. If 10 lessons are paid upfront in advance, we provide 5% discount. Price for self-paced courses, live online courses, and worksheets are advertised on each course page on our website.

Payment Method

You can pay either by direct transfer or by PayPal through our website.

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CEO & Founder, Instructor

John Yiseongjoon

John is currently a Lecturer and Senior Investment Analyst at the Australian National University. He is a theoretical physicist and authored a number of journals in the field of Quantum Criticality. John has always had a passion in teaching and developing teaching techniques. He always strives to give the best learning experience to all his students. With his unique teaching method, he can communicate complex concept in simple terms.

Our Student Feedback

John knows how to teach effectively. It doesn't matter how lost you are, he can make you ready for exams in no time.
Grace Cooper
School Captain at Merici College 2015, Medicine @ University of Newcastle
It is unbelievable how John unpacks so many difficult concepts in really easy to understand manner. I get to learn so much in just 1 hr.
Canberra Girls Grammar, Medcine @ UNSW