The UCAT is one of three criteria students need to meet (UCAT, ATAR, and an interview) in order to gain entrance into an undergraduate medical program. We understand that it may be difficult to meet all these criteria. The UCAT courses at John’s Academy are designed to help students better-position themselves to succeed in the UCAT test and continue on to pursuing medicine, health science, or dentistry at university. If you prefer to have private or small group UCAT tuition, click here.

See below for more information on the UCAT course.
Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving:
Reading comprehension, logic, evaluation of information, pinpointing addition or missing information, generating and testing plausible hypotheses

Understanding People:
Scenarios and dialogues interpretation, interpersonal situation comprehension, drawing inference, critical thinking

Non-verbal Reasoning
Patterns, sequence of shapes

UCAT Course materials provided at John’s Academy are developed for students in-house by our PhD staff and experts. All course material is bound in a booklet and will complement classroom learning. The course materials include theories and concepts explained with detailed diagrams and tips, and extensive questions. The materials also include homework to assist students to revise and use the concepts on their own.

The course material includes:
  • extensive review questions
  • homework assessment

    Courses run on Mondays from 6pm to 9pm .
    Each course is $1199 with pricing based on:
  • 8 weeks
  • 1 lessons per week
  • 3 hours per lesson
  • $49.96 per hour