Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT)

We provide courses for GAMSAT in the fields of maths, physics, and chemistry which are suited to undergraduate students seeking entry into Australia’s graduate medical program.

This course will run from early August to late September, during which our students find GAMSAT tuition most beneficial.

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Vectors & Kinematics
Vectors and scalars, Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, Linear motion, Projectile motion

Electric Fields
Potential, Field strength, Capacitance, Combining capacitors, Energy stored in a capacitor

Convex, Focal length, Concave, Magnification

Moments, Newton’s law of motion, Friction and equilibrium

Work, Energy & Momentum
Power, Work, Mechanical energy, Kinetic and potential energy, Conservation of momentum, Internal energy, Ideal gases

Elastic properties of solids
Hooke’s law, Elasticity, stress, Young’s modulus, Strain

Current electricity
Resistors in parallel and series, Resistance, Ohm’s law, Current and drift velocity, Emf and voltage

Magnetic Fields
Field strength, Force on a moving charge, Fields due to currents

Oscillations, Resonance, Wave measurements, Superposition and interference, Simple harmonic motion

Refractive index
The photoelectric effect, Work constant of metals

Radioactive decay
Rate of decay and half life, Emissions, Stable and unstable nuclei

Decibels, Intensity, Sound level

Course materials provided at John’s Academy are developed in-house by our experienced staff and are tailored to suit each course structure. All course material is bound in a booklet and will complement classroom learning.

The course material includes:
  • extensive review questions
  • homework assessment
  • the official GAMSAT textbook will be used in parallel with study notes

    Courses run on Mondays from 6pm to 9pm .
    Each course is $1199 with pricing based on:
  • 8 weeks
  • 1 lessons per week
  • 3 hours per lesson
  • $49.96 per hour