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John’s Academy offers a series of scheduled lecture courses, which run throughout the year and provide students with a wide range of subject choices.

Courses are structured to reflect students’ school subjects, as well as other standardised tests such as IELTS and SAT.

See our Capabilities page for a full list.

Private Tutition

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We also provide both private (1:1) and group (1:2 or 1:3) tuition. If you’re after a need-based individual type experience, such as assistance with laboratory write-ups, then we recommend 1:1.

However, if you’re able to gather a group of school friends or colleagues with a common study goal, then we can tailor a group tuition session to help everyone achieve.

For more information and prices, please see our private tuition page.


"John’s teaching is really effective and helpful. I can comprehend weeks worth of knowledge in just an hour. Anyone seeking improvements and effective learning methods should try John’s Academy."

- Grace Cooper
School Captain 2015 Merici College (Specialist Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)

"It was very fun to learn HSC Physics in group from John’s Academy with my other Grammar friends. John is the best physics teacher I have ever met. I have always told him to become our school’s physics teacher. His teaching is very interesting and each to understand"

- Primal De Silva
Canberra Grammar (HSC Physics)

"John made maths so easy for me. During my course, I had been struggling to understand some courses involving calculations and unit conversions. Then I tried John’s tutoring and it all became so easy and clear. I was able to pass my course with very high marks."

- Maile
University of Canberra Nursing

"John would have to be the best maths tutor I’ve ever had. In preparation for my postgraduate degree entry exam (also known as the GRE), I approached John for help with my maths. Initially I was very nervous because I hadn’t studied maths in ten years’, however within three months’ of John’s tuition, I was able to reach my target score. John is clear and concise in imparting his understanding of mathematics and I would highly recommend him as a tutor."

- Jenny
GRE student accepted for Master’s program at Columbia University, New York



Founder and CEO

John is a mathematics lecturer at the Australian National University. Through his academic career, John has developed learning techniques by which he can provide his students with a competitive edge to getting results in their fields of study.

Having over five years of formal experience in tutoring students and a growing classroom, John is well-regarded amongst Canberra’s education community, and prides himself on providing the highest level of care and attention to his students.



Harry is a PhD graduate whose study is within the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Plant Science. He has more than 8 years experimental research experience holding a couple of scientific research papers and a few in press. Through his academic career, he developed skills in mentoring junior students with patience and care.

He is passionate in tutoring school-aged students, especially experienced in bringing up lower grade kids. He is also keen to inspire his students with frontier scientific research findings which can raise students’ interest in science.